Our studies

The purpose of our research is to learn more about the development of future thinking cognition (e.g., the ability to think about and plan for future events, such as our next holidays) and its relation to other cognitive skills in children 3 to 5 years of age (e.g., how do children understand time?). 

In particular, we are investigating:

How children understand how far or close particular events are to/from the present. Click here to participate.

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When children start to consider that different possibilities can happen in the future. Click here to participate.

Children’s understanding of current and future needs. Click here to participate.

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Useful information if you decide to take part

Your child will be presented with two short videos (i.e., approx. 3 min each) in which a character will explain a game (e.g., the character will show the picture of two empty rooms and your child will be asked to distribute a series of toys in each room). Throughout the video, we will be asking a series of questions related to the game and your child will have to respond to them. It is very important that your child answers these questions on his/her own. We are interested in finding out what his/her thoughts about the particular questions are. There are no right or wrong answers.  

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